Zack & Quack

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Wednesday, December 31st @ 7:00pm
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Zack & Quack

About Zack & Quack

Zack & Quack follows the adventures of a dynamic and adventurous boy named Zack and his best friend, an impulsive young duck called Quack. They live inside the most amazing pop-up book ever! It’s a place full of fantastical surprises – where pulling pop-ups makes exciting and unexpected things happen. From the second they step into their garden, the adventure begins. Exciting new worlds and fantastic voyages literally unfold before their eyes!

Even though this is a show about a boy and his duck, Zack & Quack aren’t alone on their adventures. They’ve got plenty of quirky friends to share in the fun. While not all of their friends come on every adventure, they’re always close by when we need them.