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Meet Pay Chen


Meet Pay Chen

Meet Pay, our new parenting blogger. The catch? She doesn’t have any kids. Let's let her introduce herself:

 I get stopped a lot by parents. At the grocery store, the gym, on the street, at the airport (especially by the security guards) and once a driver caught up to me while I was riding my bike (I actually thought he was chasing me to run me over). And each time I am always thrilled when they tell me their kids love watching "4 Square." This show existed before it was ever a place where people “checked in” on their phones. It is a show that I had no part in creating or writing — but one that I am very proud to have been a part of as a performer.

The questions I get asked the most about the show are: “Do you still have that purple jacket?” and “So…those guys in spandex must be pretty confident, huh?” The answers: No. And I would guess, yes.

This will be the first of my semi-regular blogs on the newly launched Treehouse Parents site. Perhaps you think my only connection to the station was through a show where I recited poetry with adorable kids in front of a green background. Actually, Treehouse is where my TV career started and I have been back time and time again.

I’ve done a variety of on-air roles as a TV host and actor. But my history with Treehouse stretches back to 1997 when the network first launched — the station is now in its teenage years!

I was an intern and a student at Ryerson University. I interned for several months, was fortunate enough to be hired as a production coordinator, and wrote my first television show while at Treehouse (the series “Wee 3”, which I loved and adored). Treehouse remains a place where you are encouraged to be as creative and playful as possible.

Even today as I go back to freelancing in this industry, I continue to have connections to the little station that could. A wonderful animated show called "My Big, Big Friend" took a chance and hired me as a writer. Writing a cartoon was a childhood dream of mine. Now I get to stay connected even more with this blog with random musings and observations as someone who loves kids but is not a parent herself (much to my parents’ disappointment).

My goal is to give you a little comic relief and only dish out parenting advice if you really, really want it. But I warn you: my parenting advice will not be much different from what your children want. More cookies, everyone should stay up later, and why can’t we paint with ketchup on the walls?

Pay Chen is a TV host, writer and producer who is especially fond of furry purple jackets and poems. Find out more about what Pay is up to at


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