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Bento Box Ideas for Halloween

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Bento Box Ideas for Halloween

Ghosts and mummies and snakes oh my! Get into the Halloween spirit with these bento box ideas. 

Creepy Chicken
Chicken nuggets take shape to form ghosts and a hard boiled egg turn into a spooky face in this
bento box.  Read more here

Mummified Dogs
Mummified hot dogs are the perfect Halloween treat. And a cream cheese ghost to boot how can you go wrong? Read more here

A Healthy Halloween
A Halloween bento box doesn't always have to be just creepy, it can be healthy too! Read more here. 

Creepy Crawlie Bento
Spiders and snakes in a lunch box doesn't necessarily make for a yummy lunch. But on Halloween, all creepy crawlies are welcome. Read more here

Trick or Treat
Sandwiches turn into mummies with shocked eyes. This is a Halloween bento that the kids will love to look at and eat. Read more here

Bento box ideas for cute kids lunches

May the force be with you this Halloween. Find out more about this masterful cuteness over at Wendolonia (her sammies are amazing!).

bento box ideas for cute kids lunches halloween

Who you gonna call to say you've raised your sandwich making to supernatural status? Find out more at the aptly named Lunchbox Awesome.

lunch box ideas kids halloween

Because nothing says spooky cuter than fake fingers. Bookmark the recipe at Spoonful

bento box ideas for kids lunches for halloween

This pumpkin grilled cheese is our favourite. There's at least six other incredibly smart (and healthy!) ideas in there. Ghost over to Bento Mama for the full scoop.



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