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How to Make Watercolour Paints for Kids


How to Make Watercolour Paints for Kids

How to make paint for kids

When your children’s markers dry out, don’t throw them away! With a bit of water and a little time, you can turn those markers into your liquid watercolours!


1. Sort your markers into colour groups, and pop them into jars. Add a few inches of water to the jars, and set them in a safe place for a few days. Little ones will enjoy watching the progress! It’s amazing to see how much dye is still left in those dried up markers. As the days pass, the colour of the water become much more saturated.

2. When you’re happy with how intense your new paints look, remove the markers and place lids on your jars. When your child is ready to paint, they can dip their brushes into the jars and use the paint full-strength. If your paints are quite dark, you can pour a small amounts into an ice cube tray and dilute it with a few drops of water.

Jackie Currie is a mother, daycare provider, and the creative spirit behind the blog Happy Hooligans. A self-proclaimed glitter-phobe, she specializes in easy, affordable arts & crafts and good, old-fashioned play. Follow her on Twitter at @happy_hooligans​ and visit the Happy Hooligans Facebook page. 


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