Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find out when my favourite shows are on?

For schedule information, visit our schedule page.

Why are there so many schedule changes?

It is not uncommon for broadcasters to refresh their schedules by introducing or removing shows and rearranging time slots. Please remember that all schedules are subject to change without notice. Information about specific shows can be found in their specific show section of

Can I come and watch you tape a show?

Unfortunately, we don’t have public tapings of our shows.

How can I get a copy of my favourite show?

Treehouse TV does not have a service in place to accommodate copy requests. As a broadcaster, we are generally licensed to broadcast programs only and not to distribute them. If you are looking for copies of a program, we suggest you try asking at your local video store or searching on-line to see if the program is available for retail sale.

Do you sell merchandise?

Treehouse TV does not have an on-line store. We also aren't able to provide retail information for licensed merchandise. We suggest you contact the major toy retailers in your area for information regarding availability of show merchandise.

Can I wish someone a happy birthday on-air?

Treehouse does not have a birthday greeting segment as part of our programming.

How do I subscribe to THTV?

Treehouse TV is a Canadian specialty channel that is available through affiliated cable and satellite companies in Canada only. Contact your local service provider to find out how to access Treehouse TV in your area.

How can I get my child started in television?

Generally we hire our talent through talent agencies. We suggest you prepare a demo tape of your child and visit the talent agencies in your area.  Reputable agencies will be listed with the Better Business Bureau. 



How do I enter a contest?

Before entering any of the contests on our website, it's always a good idea to read the Rules and Regulations.  This will tell you:

  • who's eligible to enter
  • the contest closing date
  • how many winners there will be
  • how and when the winners will be notified
  • how many times a day you can enter
  • what the prizes are

I'm having trouble entering a contest

There are a few items you can check if you're having problems entering a contest on our site:

1. Make sure the cookies on your computer are enabled. If you need help with this email us at for instructions.

2.  If you are having difficulties seeing an ENTER/SUBMIT button, you may have Internet Security software installed on your computer.  You must ensure this Ad-Blocking feature is turned off in order to properly view all contest pages. This feature may prevent the necessary graphics from appearing.

3. When you're entering your postal code, make sure you aren't substituting the number '0' (zero) with the letter 'o' or 'O'.  You may also want to check that the number '1' (one) is not entered as the letter 'l' (and vice versa).

4. You may also be experiencing difficulties entering because there is a Google toolbar installed on the computer you're using.  Sometimes this toolbar can cause problems when entering information into the contest fields. We suggest temporarily disabling the toolbar and entering the contest again.

I cannot see the video clips on the web site

Our videos are also only available to Canadian users.  If your internet service provider has given you an IP address outside of Canada but you reside within the country, you will not be able to see the video.  Please contact your Internet Service Provider for more information.

Have a question we haven’t answered here?

Email us at

Phone: 416-479-6782

What is the number for the deaf and hard of hearing telephone line?

The TTY/Teletypewriter telephone number for our deaf and hard of hearing viewers is: 416-214-0110